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Who We Are

We’re passionate about innovating relationship solutions that work – supporting you to get your life, and love, back on track. Whether it’s communication skills and tools, or identifying and resolving deeper issues blocking your wellbeing, our team of committed professionals can help.


Our team has been selected for each individual’s depth of professional experience, and specialized training in areas of relationship focused, anxiety or mood related issues, and trauma therapies. Issues that surface in our intimate relationships often have complexity, requiring a multi-skilled approach to locate root causes rather than merely fix short-term symptoms.

Therapeutic Approach

Listening to each individual as they present their unique combination of personality, family and life experience, allows us to determine the best approach for unraveling an issue.


We are trained in several psychotherapeutic models (e.g. Cognitive Behavioural, Dialectical, Emotionally Focused, EMDR, Gestalt, Mindfulness, Somatic); all of which inform our approach in session, depending upon the issues. Releasing longstanding subconscious blocks to personal and relationship happiness, via deeper models of EMDR therapy, is our primary clinical focus.

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Our Procedures

Individual Counselling

Tired of feeling stuck, not finding or keeping the relationship that you long for? Willing to free yourself of self-defeating and painful patterns?

Couple's Counselling

Relationships are cultivated – requiring attention, and the skills to thrive. Individual or Couples Counselling can help to identify the issue